Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (aka PEMF)

What is Electro-Magnetic Resonance (PEMF)?

Modern life is highlighted with numerous artificial and contradictory magnetic fields that interfere with the natural and vital magnetic field of the Earth.

Modern living exposes earth’s inhabitants to increasing amounts of electro-magnetic radiation as more wireless communication devices are used around the world. With the proliferation of cell towers and other transmitting stations offering more extensive coverage and convenience, electro-magnetic radiation affects users and non-users alike.

Electro-smog (also known as electro-pollution) is the combination of invisible radiation associated with the production, transmission and use of electric and electronic equipment and appliances.

Electro-smog causes permanent stress and diminishes the supply of energy to our cells. This constant strain is the cause of ever-increasing chronic illnesses from the proliferation of personal wireless communication devices.

There is no escaping the ill effects of electro-magnetic radiation. There is only learning to live a healthy lifestyle in an increasingly toxic world. The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to engage in Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine is truly the future of medicine and it is available now in the form of electro-magnetic wellness devices. From local applicators to whole body mats, magnetic resonance stimulation addresses the cause of disease and completely supports the body to heal itself.

There is no downside to using magnetic resonance therapy and no known risks as long as you use a device that mimics the Earth’s resonant energy.

This article was written for the average person to easily find his or her way to the best devices available today without wading through the myriad stacks of scientific research and without needlessly spending thousands of dollars looking for effective therapy tools.

The Best Medicine

really is the best medicine. Wellness devices that create the natural magnetic field of Mother Earth offer the answer to our modern health demise.

Reset your cellular frequency with high quality electro-magnetic resonance devices and you change the direction of your health.

What if you are already dealing with an unhealthy condition?

You can restore your body’s Natural Healing Ability using electro-magnetic resonance therapy. There are thousands of research studies Magnetic resonance stimulation is not only very safe, it is also very effective. The answer to our modern health demise is in the understanding and mimicking Earth’s healing energy. 

What is Magnetic Resonance Stimulation?

Everyone knows that the body needs clean air, fresh food and water to survive. But not everyone knows that we need the earth’s energy to live. Although humans can survive for a time without the correct electro-magnetic pulsations, our quality of life and well-being will deteriorate rapidly without them.

Most people think of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) when they hear the words “magnetic resonance”.  For the purposes of this article, we are referring to the principle of resonance in which vibration (frequency) carries information. More specifically we are referring to those frequencies that are harmonious or resonant with the earth’s magnetic field and are healing to the human body.

For the human body to produce energy, it needs outside help from the magnetic field of the earth. The deadly combination of electronic devices’ extremely high frequencies and the lack of real connection to the earth’s surface cause us to disconnect from the earth’s natural resonance.

The magnetic field of the earth is the elemental force of life. With decreased exposure to it and increased exposure to electro-pollution, health is compromised in many ways. Cell metabolism begins to break down causing many health problems – decreased perception, bone loss, muscle weakness, depression and disorientation, to name a few – until we are diagnosed with an irreversible health condition. Without the earth’s magnetic resonance, life is not possible.

What Are Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF)?

PEMFs more accurately describe the magnetic fields that are necessary for life. PEMF’s are a catalyst for energy production in the mitochondria of the cell where all energy is produced. Just as a car needs oxygen, fuel and an ignition to create energy, the human cell needs fuel (glucose), oxygen and a “spark plug” for ignition. Pulsed electro-magnetic energy provides the spark to create the energy in our bodies.

PEMFs charge the human cell. The voltage of a healthy cell is about 70-110 millivolts. A sick cell voltage drops below 50 millivolts. Cancer cells are 30 millivolts or less. PEMFs are critical for human metabolism. They act like a catalyst and battery recharger for human cells.

Over 1000 clinical studies and over 7000 research papers validate the therapeutic benefits of PEMFs, showing improved micro-circulation, increased oxygenation up to 200%, help in nerve regeneration, pain management and many other health promoting benefits.

PEMF Scientific Abstracts / Medical PEMF Studies

The 4 Elements of PEMF that duplicate the earth’s energy and are essential to the human body are Intensity, Frequency, Timing and Waveform.

Intensity is the strength of the earth’s magnetic field. Every magnet produces an invisible area of influence (a pull or push) around itself that scientists call Fields. The earth’s intensity is between 30 and 60 microtesla (uT). The earth’s magnetic field is dynamic – pulsating.

Anything that is periodic has a measurement of cycles per second and is usually measured in hertz. 1 cycle is a full revolution. Our electromagnetic spectrum includes frequencies ranging from very low (long radio waves) to very high (gamma rays).

The Earth’s natural resonant frequencies are the most healing and essential for the human organism. The Earth’s fundamental frequency is 7.83 hertz. Research has proven that the biological window for effective healing is a frequency between 3 – 25 Hz.

Timing and Biorhythms
Timing refers to duration and rhythm. The amount of time that is necessary to mimic nature using a PEMF therapy device is called duration. Once batteries are charged, they are not charged more when they are left for a longer time in the charger. PEMF therapy devices will recommend the amount of time necessary to produce the desired effect.

Much of the research done on circadian and biorhythms in relation to the human body is coordinated with the cycles of light and darkness and the release of melatonin from the brain. Other synchronizations with the body’s rhythms can be done with temperature, meal times, stress levels, exercise and other daily routines.

The more important frequencies to align with PEMFs are the brain state frequencies and how different states of consciousness align with the daily biorhythms – Beta stimulating frequencies in the morning and early afternoon, Alpha frequencies in the early evening and evening, Theta frequencies just before bed and Delta frequencies during the night for deep rejuvenation.

Waveforms are the geometry of a frequency that create an image such as the four images to the right. The most beneficial waveform is the sawtooth shape. The cell membrane will respond to a sawtooth waveform because of the increased supply of oscillations.

Sawtooth-shaped waves are ideal for affecting the level of ion transport in the cell membrane because they are composed of many sine wave vibrations with a broad spectrum of frequencies that allow for greater cellular energizing and stimulation through electromagnetic resonance.

Like a radio that will dial to the exact frequency needed, a sawtooth wave will stimulate the cell membrane with its resonant frequency. The cell membrane will vibrate, increase its permeability (allowing for greater oxygenation and nutrient absorption) and further produce micro currents and increase the overall cell voltage.

Simple sine waves and high intensities will not produce the desired effect and can potentially be harmful.
Duplicating Nature is the Best Approach to Natural Healing.

For more information on MRS / PEMF related therapies contact Stephen M. Knott, alternative therapist in the fields of energy medicine. Contact him via telephone at +31187844881 or via email or fill in your contact details via the website. You can always join as a representative and have access to the latest enhanced PEMF devices from Swiss Bionic Solutions, Representative Stephen Knott’s page may be found at

Now that you are familiar with what magnetic resonance stimulation is, you will want to know what to look for in a PEMF wellness device.

  • Always use a dynamic magnetic resonance wave. Never use a static frequency such as a magnet bed. Using magnets for healing has become very popular in the world but when choosing a full body mat, always choose a device with pulsed electro-magnetic fields – frequencies that pulse. The cells of the body will soon become immune to the single frequency that magnets emit. You may feel an change initially but your body will cease to respond eventually.
  • Purchase a device with a full-body mat. Hand-held devices are good for localization but the real benefits lie in the full body treatment. Make sure the body mat is made with copper coils instead of wire mesh. Although more convenient, mesh mats lose the pure magnetic field that comes from a copper loop current.
  • Only use systems with low intensities (between 0 and 70 uT (microtesla). Clinical research has proven that lower intensities work better than stronger intensities. Less really is better when it comes to magnetic resonance energy and the human body, especially with chemically-sensitive people who will want to use the lowest setting possible such as a picotesla setting. According to experts, staying below 400 uT provides the most compatible resonance with the body and there are no known risks up to this setting.
  • Only use devices whose frequencies are closely aligned to nature, mainly in the .5 to 25 Hz range. Research proves the biological window of frequencies best absorbed by the body is roughly 0-30 Hz.
  • For best results use a device with a sawtooth waveform signal.
  • Choose a PEMF device that switches polarity often during the assigned time in order to keep the level of stimulation at its highest level.
  • Look for a resonance device that adjusts the frequencies to different times of the day – energizing during the day and relaxing in the evening before bed. The better units offer a built-in biorhythm clock.
  • You and your family will be using your device everyday for a long time to establish balance and harmony in your body. They are simple to use and require nothing more than lying on them for a few minutes a day to reap immense rewards. Due to the initial cost of a high quality PEMF wellness device (between $3,000 and $4,000), look for a professional company that makes medical grade equipment and offers a 2-3 year warranty on parts. Your system will more than pay for itself in health benefits over and over again. After you’ve done your research, make sure to choose a company and a certified health technician that will support you and answer your questions after your purchase.

Over 1000 clinical studies world-wide document the effectiveness of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF).  The market is full of PEMF products for home, medical or clinical use. After reviewing doznes of the different units on the market, we believe the most developed and user friendly PEMF devices are made by Swiss Bionic Solutions. Namely their  iMRS or Omnium1.

For more information on MRS / PEMF related therapies contact Stephen M. Knott, alternative therapist and Lifestyle Consultant of Swiss Bionic Solutions. Contact him via telephone at +31187844881 or via email or fill in your contact details via the website. You can always join as a representative and have access to the latest enhanced PEMF devices from Swiss Bionic Solutions, Stephen Knott’s Repesentative page may be found at there you may also click .

Based on thousands of cases and extensive studies, PEMF in general is being used successfully as a supportive and meaningful therapy for the following indications:

Allergies Concentration Deficiency Back Pain
Asthma Lymph Nodes Regeneration
Arthrosis Fatigue Sleep Disorders
Spinal Disk Migraine Dizziness
Depression Muscle Cramps Snoring
Bowel Disorders Multiple Sclerosis Endurance Sports
Adenoid Problems Menstruation Problems Ear Ringing
Relaxation Neurodermatitis Infertility
Colds Nervousness Digestive Disorders
Joint Pain Osteoporosis Vegetative Nervous System
Hoarsness Edema General Injuries
Heart & Circulatory Conditions Post-Operative Weather Sensitivity
Immune Deficiency Psoriasis Cysts
Itching Parkinsons Toothache
Bone Fractures Rheumatism


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