PEMF and Nutritional Therapy for Arthritis


Exclusive material for Nutritional Therapeutics Association members. N.T.A. practitioners always advise our patients on a case per case basis on adequate nutritional support (ie hydration, diet or supplementation) throughout the process. Some supplements can greatly increase PEMF treatments and are included in the textbooks and training of our members.  While PEMF can always be used apart of any other program, it is considered support medicine to existing programs the patient is involved in. The N.T.A. has specialists in the areas of meridian and accupressure therapies, psychological therapy, nutritional, sports medicine, and live blood analysis.  Each of these areas have been consulted in our overall approach in our wellness programs for alternative therapy with arthritis. We look at things with the overal body wellness approach first, so that the local approach may be more successful. PEMF devices are available on the market for home use, for example one of the most advanced and developed versions from Swiss Bionic Solutions. Contact directly N.T.A. Consultant Stephen M. Knott for more information at +31 187844881. There are many home use strategies and solutions. Practitioners can send their clients to order these home use PEMF devices directly at Swiss Bionics at These are EU and FDA regulated devices for home use in overall wellness and support medicine programs.

Practitioners and consultants can get a good commission if they want to open their own Intelligent Wellness Business, and register as a Certified Lifestyle Consultant. We can credential you from NTA (or Swiss Bionics can). Then you can always send your clients directly to order from Swiss Bionics, their home based unit. The iMRS is relatively inexpensive, and has the most developed version of PEMF on the market, now superceded by the Omnium1 (also available from Swiss Bionics). Swiss Bionics also makes available a free 1 month rental. NTA has offices worldwide and may be able to let you try them try various PEMF devices if they are not sure about using it. In either case you will need a support representative. Yours will be Stephen Knott, Alternative Therapist in the Netherlands, who can help get you started.

Wellness Consultant Stephen M. Knott combines his 10 years research, study and practice in these fields to provide thorough solutions in alternative therapy. He has found a vast wealth of benefit in using PEMF in alternative therapy programs, and recommends it above all other meridian and energy medicine based approaches.

Here is a show done by Dr. Oz (also featured by Oprah) for NTA members to have ideas how it works reaching our patients who have arthritic pain. Dr. Oz recommends that every home has a unit.  more from


1.1 ARTHRITIS (Inflammation of Joints)

Arthritis is characterized by redness of the joints combined with intense pain and swelling. The causes of most forms of arthritis are still unknown. The most common type is acute rheumatoid arthritis. This disease affects three times as many women as men and usually begins between the ages of 20 and 30. This reactive arthritis is not caused directly by pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, but instead it is the result of an inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract or the urinary tract which may have been several weeks in the past. The joint symptoms are often preceded by an inflammation of the onsils (rheumatic fever) caused by streptocci (pyogenic pathogens, i.e., germs that produce pus). Due to the use of antibiotics, this disease rarely occurs today. Usually larger joints are affected by acute rheumatoid arthritis, especially the ankle and knee joints. Only in rare cases does the acute inflammation affect the bones or cartilage permanently. The intense pain cna move from one joint to another, but usually disappears spontaneously without any additional medication.

1.2 Primary chronic polyarthritis (PCP)

Chronic polyarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis affects especially young women between the ages of 20 and 30 or around the age of 40. The cause of this autoimmune disease has not yet been determined conclusively. It is assumed that the immune system is misled by a virus to incorrectly recognize the body’s own cells in the joint as foreign substances, so it begins to attack these cells and destroy them. In 80% of those affected, the protein is found in the blood, which is an indication for the so-called rheumatoid factor. It is characterized by symmetrical involvement of the metacarpophalangeal joints of the finger. The shoulder joints and knee joints may be involved in the attacks, with the hip joints being invovled less frequently. The inflammation affects the tender skin of the inside surfaces of the joints (synovia). If these joint surfaces begin to stick together, the inflammation attacks the cartilage, ultimately destroying it. The metacarpophalangeal joints then often become grotesquely deformed. The typical stiffness of joints in the morning can subside again in the course of the day due to movement, but if left untreated, it may end in ankylosis (immobility). The goal of therapeutic treatment is to relieve pain and stop the progression of the disease to maintain mobility of the joints for as long as possible.

Effect of PEMF on arthritis: relieving pain, supporting therapy, reducing the extent of the disease

Proper use of system for arthritis: (Use built in programs, i-guide or texbooks).


The Nutritional Therapeutics Association network has compiled the following case studies that have demonstrated benefits when using PEMF in recovery programs together with Arthritis. Our associate practitioners always advise the patients to include a good intake of water and nutrition throughout the process.

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