A New Cell Phone, WIFI, EMF Radiation Shielding Breakthrough is Now Available

After more than 20 years of research and development, a key breakthrough in Mobile phone radiation shielding is being made available to consumers. This includes stickers for tablets, iphones, wifi and other devices that emit unwanted EMF radiation.
For the first time ever this product is now being made available online. This project of bringing it to worldwide consumers has been spearheaded through the Nutritional Therapeutics Association, in cooperation with the IFUR Institute in Germany.
The Nutritional Therapeutics Association has a sub division of therapies that focus on keeping harmony within our body’s own natural bioesonant fields, as well as restoring the normal meridian function overall. We’ve found that this is vital for whole body nourishment, cleansing and rebuilding of the human body. This natural magnetic energy is a primary root of health that is often overlooked. With the new challenges of EMF we must adapt or suffer the consequences. read more about frequency of emf fields 
The solutions are very simple and are available at the lowest cost on the market. With the wide range of models, these can be easily inserted within any type of cellular phone, or attached on the outside of any WIFI related device. Even whole house models are available.
The competition has been charging around $500 per unit for a personal human pendant model. This same type of model is made available through the Association for only $69.00, while the IFUR Institute demonstrates that this product is about 5 years ahead in development.
This personal unit model we are now making available to the world is called “Biowandler Classic”. It is a “Bioenergetic Transducer”. It is a little smaller than a credit card, and it need not be worn around the neck. It can be kept in your wallet or where you prefer.
The launch of this most effective product coincides at a time when awareness of Cellular phone related radiation (electro-smog) is rising in all levels of the world.
An Official Assembly was published by the European Council on May 6th, 2011, which concluded that according to the demands voiced by high-level scientists, by groupings of Doctors, that electro-smog radiation is indeed classified as an “environmental health hazard”. Not only this, the assembly resolved that all EU member states must play their roles in prevention against this cellular radiation for all of their citizens, for future generations. Not only for humans, but for protecting against the devastating effects it has on fauna and flora. At the same time the assembly confirmed the main view of the Nutritional Therapeutics Association in relation to the beneficial effects of electromagnetic fields in certain frequency ranges!  This is known as “EU Resolution 1815”.
This product harmonizes the 90% of radiation from cell phones that is non-thermal in nature and has been overlooked for far too long by mainstream special interest paid scientists. However, this type of radiation consistently measures an immediate impact on the cells of the body, or verifiable within whole human systems with immediate results. Thousands of research papers have demonstrated the immediate reaction of the human body, and there are a number of other ways for testing such healthful results available through the Association. Energy medicine has been picking up steam and reputation on TV in America through such proponents as Dr. Oz. The information is readily available for all who do simple online searches. However for those looking for new demonstrations, most feel the immediate results with elimination of pain or increased concentration and energy.
 Human body testing is the easiest way to confirm the results. This is demonstrated in the blood, or with simple strength tests, kinesiology, live cell analysis under the microscope, as well as on a subatomic level demonstrated in meridian diagnostics equipment. This is just to name a few. Some find other breakthroughs in unexplained medical conditions such as with electro-stress disorders.
For more information on the problem as well as this easy solution please contact us at info@nutritionaltherapeutics.org

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