Dirty Electricity (or electrosmog) is a potent carcinogen

UPDATE:  This year (2016) the World Health Organization is going to release the results of it’s 20 year studies of all possible health outcomes in regards to radio frequency fields (ie mobile phones and WIFI).

Since 2011 the W.H.O. has classified wifi and mobile phone radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen.

What they released in 2014 doesn’t look any better: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs193/en/

Dirty Electricity (or Electrosmog) is a potent carcinogen

Beginning in 1979, with the work of Wertheimer and Leeper (1), there has been increasing evidence that some facet of electromagnetic field exposure is associated epidemiologically with an increased incidence of leukemia, certain other cancers and non-cancers like Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and suicide.

In 2001, Samuel Milham, from the Washington State Department of Health, published in his first work on the historical evidence that residential electrification caused the emergence of childhood leukemia to increase sharply. (2) Most recently, that same author published an extensive epidemiologic survey of urban versus rural death rates as a function of the spread of electricity use by American citizens.

‘Dirty electricity’ has been shown to be a potent universal carcinogen with cancer risks over 10.0 and significant dose-response for a number of cancers. Exposure to power frequency magnetic fields (60 Hz in the U.S. and 50 Hz in Europe) can accurately predict cancer risk and therefore these frequencies are incompatible with human health and longevity. (3) Dirty electricity is defined as the presence of high-frequency voltage transients within an electrical current. Any device that interrupts electrical current flow generates dirty electricity. Such devices include compact fluorescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, wireless routers, dimmer switches and other devices which use switching power supplies.

Electrosmog and dirty electricity are modern phenomena, products of human ingenuity, industrialization, and progress (collectively known as profusion). With the exception of a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared through visible light, ultraviolet light and cosmic rays, the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum is man-made and is incompatible with human health.

In the United States there is only one community of citizens who continue to shun the use of electricity: the old order Amish. Compared to all other subgroups Amish males in the 1970s had very low cancer and cardiovascular disease mortality rates. (4)

Most recently Milham published a comprehensive report linking U.S. mortality data to U.S. Census Bureau data with some startling conclusions. (5) It appears that not only cancer, but also cardiovascular disease, diabetes and suicide are strongly related to the level of residential electrification. In a similar 1997 review of 1980s epidemiologic data in New Delhi vs. rural India showed that the prevalence of coronary heart disease was three times higher in urban residents than in rural residents.

If cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicide truly are strongly correlated with man-made electromagnetic fields in the power frequency range, or even if this hypothesis is only partially true, then the explosive recent increase in all-pervasive radiofrequency radiation and in high-frequency voltage transients sources (e.g., cell phones, cell phone towers, terrestrial antennas, wi-fi and wi-max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment,) we may already have a 21st-century epidemic of monumental proportion, with serious and dire consequences.

In summary, there are compelling data to suggest that the 20th century epidemic of civilization sicknesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and suicide, are caused not by lifestyle, but rather by the proliferation of man-made electromagnetic fields that generate high-frequency voltage transients, or dirty electricity.



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