How magnetic field therapy affects energy production in the cells


Magnetic field therapy leads to improved utilization of oxygen in cells. This is because red blood cells can deliver more of their bound oxygen under the influence of magnetic fields, thus having a very positive effect on circulation. A magnetic field is thus an important prerequisite for improving cell function. This is true in particular of tired cells, i.e., cells that are no longer recieving enough blood, nutritients and oxygen or are in an unfavorable position with respect to the blood vessels supplying them. Therapeutic use of magnetic fields causes these cells in particular to recieve more “fuel.” The result: cells produce more energy in their power plants and the membrane pumps operate more efficiently. This in turn increases the membrane potential, i.e., the cell potential. In this way, it is again possible for the cell to actively devote itself to its function. Thus, the effect of magnetic field therapy on the energy balance does not involve a secret transfer of energy to the cell, but it does involve the biological processes in and on the cell, which come about primarily through an improved supply of oxygen.

The Vitalizing Effect

The vitalizing effect of magnetic field therapy is understood to refer to the positive effect of the magnetic field on low-energy cells or cells with restricted functions. This effect is attributed to the improved utilization of oxygen in the cells; tired cells are revitalized, so that organs with restricted function can then fulfill their functions better. This is one of the reasons for the success of magnetic field therapy in the prevention and therapeutic treatment of functional diseases.

Due to its large number of reserve cells, an organ can deal with the failure of some cells. Before the final death of a cell, it stops performing its generally beneficial functions. Only when a large number of cells have failed does the respective organ begin to show signs of disease. If magnetic field therapy is started in time to reactivate and revitalize cells whose function is restricted by providing an improved energy supply, not only is it possible to prevent disease, but also if a disease has already developed, regeneration of diseased cells, tissue and organs can be accelerated.

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