Myth: Mechanisms of Pulsating EMFs are Unknown

There is an erroneous, but generally held, view that the mechanisms of action of pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) are not understood. Hundreds of PEMF effects documented in the laboratory are directly pertinent in the clinical settings for which this technology is now used worldwide. In fact, as much is known about PEMF the effects at the biological level as is known about the mechanisms of many drugs. For example, there is strong mechanistic and clinical evidence to support the efficacy of PEMFs as a therapeutic agent for osteochondritis dissecans, osteogenesis imperfecta, and chronic, refractory tendinitis. PEMFs have a detailed, long-term record of safety, backed by clinical, animal, and tissue culture studies over a 40 year interval. Despite this record, a perception of risk by uninformed physicians, scientists, consumers and lawyers who use the term electromagnetic fields generically can impede clinical progress.For example, postmenopausal and senile osteoporosis affects most of the skeleton, including the spine and hips. Weakening of the bone often leads to life-threatening fractures in the elderly. The use of PMS could save billions of dollars per year if osteoporosis, nonunion fractures and osteonecrosis hits were treated with PEMFs.

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